What is the easiest way to learn a new language?

Well if you want to learn a new language and probably you want to, that’s why you are here.

Well here is the fastest way to learn a new language to a level where you can talk to a native speaker and able to express your self

1.learn the most common 1000 words in the language

It is completely proven that if you learn the most common 1000 words in any language then you can at least understand around 80% of common sentences in everyday conversations.

So feel free to learn the top 1000 most commonly used words in your target language.

You can easily find the list of these words on google so or you can find them here

2. Start watching videos in your target language

To learn the language you have to acquire it by just simply listening and by observing the native people talking to each other.

You can either do it by watching tv series made in your target language with subtitles in the same language so you could listen and see the words at the same time.

3. Try different language learning apps

You can then try some different apps available online to learn basic conversational grammar.

Now keep in mind that grammar is important but it is not everything, instead of focusing on grammar give more focus on learning the everyday conversational phrases.

Focus more on talking and listing instead of making proper grammatical sentences.

4. Try to talk in the target language

After doing all of the above you should focus on talking to native people online, you can do this by many apps and website which allows you to introduce with new people who can talk to you in there native language.

Some of the examples are:




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